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All materials within TextSpaced belong to TextSpaced unless otherwise noted.

All materials are provided as-is and we cannot provide warranty on accuracy or completeness.

We do not store any personal information other than your email address, all other information is encrypted and we do not use third-party trackers or share your information.

We sometimes link to external websites such as YouTube but you should use these at your own risk.

We reserve the right to modify your account or ban and delete your account if we feel you're exploiting the game, harassing others or breaking any laws.

The TextSpaced game or any of its services should not be reverse engineered or tampered with in particular with accordance of local and relevant law.

Users that join our Patreon have access to features that we reserve the right to change or remove at any point.

TextSpaced can be a competitive game, we will not interfere with natural progression of the game unless parties are found to be cheating or breaking aforementioned rules.