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The race you choose to play as changes many aspects of the game and cannot be changed, so choose carefully.


Humans are a well-rounded race that excel at interpersonal factors making them the best at activities like trading, missions and generally dealing with people. The skills available for humans are generally well distributed with a slight focus on cooperation and camaraderie.

Best for: Trading, People Relations, Persuasion.

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Clones are naturally reckless thrill-seekers that have a deep fury and fearless nature about them. Their skills mainly focus on combat, intimidation and power as well as nefarious tasks. They are not as good as humans with interpersonal factors lacking warmth and compassion. Clones however have a short life-span and you will be continually looking for ways to extend your life beyond your initial year, failing to do so results in skills loss. (Note that the government deems clones illegal so you will not be able to use their services.)

Best for: Combat, Exploration, Intimidation.

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Androids as expected excel at technical and precise tasks, making them perfect for crafting and computer related activities. They have the potential to grow in all factor areas and have many unique skills allowing them to augment and modify themselves as well as interface with other systems. Androids are immune to biogenic effects but especially susceptible to nuclear effects and vulnerable to hacking and interference. (Note that the government deems androids illegal so you will not be able to use their services.)

Best for: Crafting, Critical Chance, Observation.

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You can join the universe by either joining an existing faction as a descendant from one of their colonies or as 'starborn' with no ancestry.

When you join an existing faction you will start as an ensign and have limitations on your activities, until you are promoted by the faction beyond ensign. You can, however, leave the faction at any point and start you own. You can choose your ancestry from any of the factions from the below list.

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Review your character carefully. You cannot make changes to your character once you start the game.

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